Isagenix – 1 Month In

I have officially made it 31 days with incorporating Isagenix into my lifestyle. We have traveled twice throughout the month, but I did bring my shakes. So far, I’ve had 2 completely shake free days, and a few days with only 1 shake. However, part of the reason I liked this company was that it’s allowing me to incorporate things into my lifestyle. So, it’s OK that I missed shakes a few days.

About 2 1/2 weeks into Isagenix, one of my friends decided to join with me. We joined into the 16 week Isagenix body challenge. So, I had to take before pictures and re-do my measurements. At that point, I had already lost 5.5″. As of today, I’m down 6.4 lbs. from my starting weight.

My meal prep has gotten SIGNIFICANTLY easier. It’s so very nice to be able to know exactly what I’m eating for breakfast and lunch every day. With very minimal dishes. The convenience factor is no joke. It’s probably the main reason I’ve stuck with it so well.

The shakes actually taste good too. I was terrified about drinking something made in a shaker bottle every day for lunch. But it’s actually good and creamy. I didn’t really believe it would be true.

And lastly, and maybe my favorite change, is my mentality. Since starting, I told myself I wasn’t allowed to get any food at our workplace cafeteria. I have since spent $0 since I started Isagenix. I also haven’t even stolen candy out of my director’s office. That is two big wins. I have completed two cleanse days – successfully. And while I definitely got hungry by the end of the day, I didn’t break. I did it. It wasn’t horrible. I’m not dreading the next one.

My main reason for documenting this is not to sway anyone. (Considering as I write this, I have exactly zero visitors to the site.) It’s for me to remember how I’m feeling. So I can keep track of my progression and see the positive changes. I’m excited about the weight and inches and motivated to lose more. But the fact that I’m a little less stressed and enthusiastic about this lifestyle – that’s the biggest win for me.

Isagenix – 1 Month In

Starting Isagenix

I made the decision to try Isagenix for 1 month and see how it goes. My first shipment gets here on Tuesday.

My Order

  • 1 Chocolate Shake Canister
  • 1 French Vanilla Shake Canister
  • 2 Strawberry Canisters
  • 2 Powdered Cleanse for Life canisters
  • 1 Chocolate Snacks
  • 1 Dark Chocolate IsaDelights

Why I’m Excited

  • More energy
  • Less processed foods
  • Easing meal prep
  • Weight loss
  • NO SPENDING at the work cafeteria

My Plan

Shake Days

  • Breakfast: Shake
  • Mid-morning snack
  • Lunch: Shake
  • Mid-afternoon snack
  • Dinner

Cleanse Days

  • No Booze
  • Cleanse for Life
  • Snacks
  • IsaDelights
Starting Isagenix